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>> signing at barnes & noble on 86th street and lex. >> at what time? >> at 7:30. come. tomorrow we'll be at the nbc experience store. >> come and i'll sign. >> good. good. nobody sells it like hoda. six stories that -- of people who you thought would never be able to get out of the situation they were in. >> yeah, yeah. >> if there's hope for those six people, there's hope for everybody, right? >> you got it. >> a lot of people seem to be low on the hope thing right now. people are hurting all over the place. somebody that's hoping that he is going to turn his life around is lance armstrong. it's going to be fascinating to see what he actually does. >> he did an interview with oprah that was taped, and it's going air on thursday, and there are reports that they claim that he does admit to using performance-enhancing drugs. here's the interesting thing about it because i think -- again, we don't know what the interview says because we're just speculating, but some of the speculation is he says everybody was doing it, and it was a level playing field, and, therefore, i was doing it too.
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the thing about lance armstrong is for 15 years he said he wasn't. he sat in interviews over and over and said he didn't. he demonized the people that accused him of doing it. >> not sort of, he did. >> he sued newspapers that accused him of doing it, and he won. >> took millions of dollars. >> one of the things for some reason -- i don't know why this stuck in my craw so much, but it did. there was a nike commercial, okay, of reporters asking him what he was on. this was during the thick of it. just watch this commercial and tell us what you think. >> this is my body, and i can do whatever i want to it. i can push it, study it, tweak it, listen to it. everybody wants to know what i'm on. what am i on? i'm on my bike busting my
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[ bleep ] six hours a day. what are you on? >> see? i mean, look at that. >> you think about that ad. >> what are you on? i'm sure he wants to take back every bit of this stuff. you wonder if he hadn't have been on -- if he admits that he was, and now we know that he was, you wonder how good of a cyclist he is. >> right. yeah. >> you never know. >> i think also the fact that he was battling testicular cancer made all of us really pull for him all the more, and i think at one point he said with my health issues, you think i'm going to be putting that kind of stuff in my body. >> in my system. >> there's lots of things that he has to answer for, and i guess he spoke to oprah for two and a half hours, and she says -- i've heard different reports. that it's going to be 90 minutes. now i'm hearing it's going to be over two days, and it's the entire interview. >> wow. i'll be curious to see. >> if you can find own. a lot of people say it's hard to find own on the tv. >> i think after this everyone is going to be able to find it. i think this is going to be one of those -- >> i'm sure she'll do a
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masterful job at the interview. they're friends, so i'm sure he'll feel safe with her. >> i know he went to livestrong, the charity, before he went to oprah to apparently say he was sorry and that they said it was a very emotional exchange. again, we don't know exactly what happened. >> you know, it's one thing when you let yourself down. you know? when you let down people who have believed in you -- >> yeah. >> you know, it's -- i mean, some people i guess are so amoral they don't care. they don't even have a conscience about that sort of thing, but you would like to think -- i remember one time seeing -- frank and i were flying to europe for something, and maybe it was the tour, and he was on the plane, and he was married to his wife at the time and their little boy. i think she was pregnant with -- didn't they have twins? i forget. i think she was pregnant. it was such a beautiful family, and they seemed so in love, and i always remember that part of me too thinking, you know what, that guy is there too, so we got toemember. people seem to be on one side of this. there's no gray area. people are ready to tar and feather him and hang him up and
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destroy him or those that say, well, listen, we all make mistakes. let's hear what he has to say. >> i think the thing that is troubling to people is it wasn't a mistake. it was 15 years. >> chronic? >> of repeating it and sort of wagging your finger in people's faces. that's what makes it -- >> it's not the crime. it's the coverup. 15 years of covering up. when you drag other people into it, and i guess he was using all kinds of harassment in order to keep them quiet and that sort of thing, you just -- can you imagine what it's like to go to sleep at night wondering if somebody is going to tell on you? >> is today the day. >> if you have this secret that's -- live your life in fear like that? >> that's awful. >> the only great thing is he doesn't have that anymore. >> no. >> i don't know how you can sleep at night if you are terrified that somebody is going to find out truth. >> you're right. >> in your mind you go through all the people that could. that's no way to live a life, right? savannah was -- >> savannah is -- >> everybody is dragging their collective rear-ends around here. >> they partied hardy or worked their buns off out in l.a. >> savannah wound up her tour of
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l.a. on "ellen." we're not doing this to be self-serving, but why wouldn't we be? they talked about us. so let's watch. >> so you were working with kathie lee and hoda, is that right? >> yes. >> is it true that they are drunk all the time? >> they drink every day. it's funny because -- >> every morning. not day. >> every morning. it's true. >> it's morning. >> well, for me it's lunchtime. as we discussed. >> that's true. >> no, they drink every single day. when i first came to the "today" show i had been the nbc white house correspondent which is a very serious job. when i came to the "today" show, i was so happy to be there, and i thought, wow, so these hosts hoda and kathie lee call it, like, thirsty thursday or something. that's nice. then i realized it was every day. there's, like, monday fun day, tuesday booze day, wednesday wines day. i'm, like, this is my kind of place, you know? >> she fits in just fine. anyway --
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>> we'll have to share some secrets about savannah with you once in a while too. >> we've also got some secrets about our big willie, don't we? >> it's our collective big willy. >> willy geist has joined the show, of course, and we have called him -- >> big willie since day one. >> then we realized there is another big willy out there. >> apparently he has some competition in the big willy arena. >> you know what prince william's nickname is? yep. it's on the cup. you can look at it. big willie. >> yep. >> uh-huh. >> st. james palace. that's -- i guess it was on the website before they found out. >> i'm sure. >> you know what i love about the new royals? they seem to have a great sense of humor. >> they do. >> you're going to have to have a great sense of humor to get through life whether you are a royal or not. >> are we having kim kardashian on? >> kim an kourtney are here today. >> are they talking babies? what are they talking about? everything? >> everybody knows kim is
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pregnant, and she's due, i guess, this summer? we'll have to ask her when she's due. >> june i thought. >> kourtney just had her second baby, so i got a feeling babies will come up in the subject. yes. >> yes, yes. >> it's the premier of their new season of "kourtney and kim take miami." >> i didn't realize they were doing this. they were so biy busy with other lives. >> you were so busy writing books and all around being fabulous. how many days now? i thought it was 22 yesterday. >> it was 22. >> is this a cruel joke? >> it was 22 yesterday? 23? this is the slowest process. >> why couldn't we have picked february which is a short month? it's not a leap year, is it? i guess it's milk. we're having milk. that's because they've discovered -- >> people who drink milk and eat chocolate are smarter than everyone else. at least they win more nobel prizes. >> nobel prizes are won by -- >> if you drink milk and eat chocolate. we made chocolate milk to combine it, and -- >> you know what our chances are of winning a nobel? squat. >> zero. >> the word squat comes to mind.
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>> we love that show "off the rocker requesting. with betty white. it's like a candid camera for older people. >> we always get the first peek. we want to show you a little bit -- i guess it airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. >> attention, shoppers. someone just cut a huge fart in the produce department. >> is he joking? >> can we get some air freshener over there? >> oh, my -- >> thank you. >> oh, your worst nightmare. >> oh, that is awful. >> like a wayans movie had some of that. come on. "haunted house." >> oh, my gosh. yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. >> what is happening with soma? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. this is not kim's nursing bra, but this is something that we do every year. you know, soma is that wonderful company that makes beautiful intimate apparel, and -- >> these are huge.
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>> they started a campaign called giving is beautiful, and it is. a lot of people cannot afford bras. they can be very, very expensive. >> they're pricey. no kidding. >> at your favorite soma boutique, you can throw your gently worn bras. >> don't give one of those gnarly ones that you've been wearing over and over. >> whose are these? >> dolly's. >> it's to help raise awareness about domestic violence, and they're partnering with the national network to end domestic violence. that's not a funny subject at all. one of the ladies in your book tells an unbelievable story. stay with us today because we're going to later on talk a little bit more about this lady. this woman was 500 pounds and because of her low self-esteem she was in a relationship. you tell the story. it's your book. >> wait. i get to talk? excellent! the woman in this book is unbelievable. she was abused, and she had all this weight on her, and her -- she was beaten over and over. at one point her own sons tried to wipe the blood off of her face when he found her on the
2:15 am
floor of the bathroom. he said, mommy, i want you to be pretty again. she realized she had to change everything for her kids. we're going to talk about this woman because she's phenomenal. i mean, when you find yourself in the weeds and you feel like there's no way out, you read amy's story, and you realize there's a path out, and can i see it. >> a lot of the ladies are going to be very blessed by these beautiful bras. go to your soma boutique and help out. . can we please mention this ridiculous barbie fun house? >> joanne thinks this -- she wants to get on a plane right now and go to berlin. >> because they're making a life-sized barbie dream house where you can actually walk in the kitchen and go upstairs to the pink bathroom. >> an elevator, which -- >> anyway, they have big ones. >> little girls like it, and now grown-ups can too. >> i just can't -- joann, i have never seen her this excited. >> over the moon. >> since cher put out another record. >> we've been telling you about
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johnson's baby of the week. this is exploding, isn't it, sara? >> yes. we have big news for you. in conjunction with johnson's baby we're celebrating new moms everywhere. every week we'll feature your little bundle of joy right here in our chat. send us a photo of the birth date and weight and some words of wisdom. you can get funny with this. we all know you have it in you, and you'll have a chance of having your baby's photo shown on our show beginning next friday, january 25th. so for all the details, you can go to the website hoe darks amy barnes actually wrote on her facebook wall "thank you so much. i was honored to be a part of this book." >> oh, that's nice. >> pictures of her now. fantastic. >> you can't believe it. >> brave people who come out stronger after life's most difficult challenges. >> yeah. they are feeling the florida heat in miami. hot sisters kim and kourtney, they are in the house. they're going to talk baby. first these messages. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
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when we're faced with adversity or a difficult life experience, sometimes we wish we could just look into the future to see how we would recover. well, hoda's search for individuals that came face-to-face with their biggest fears to find out not only how they survived but how in most cases they actually thrived. hoda tells their stories in her new book "ten years later" six people who faced adversity and transformed their lives. take a look. ♪ >> during tough times, have you ever wished you could fast forward through your life and just maybe that view of the future would give you hope? well, many people deal with sorrow and loss, but also dream of a greater tomorrow. like amy barnes. more than a decade ago at almost 500 pounds this mother of two battled low self-esteem and felt trapped in an abusive relationship. how would she break away and finally lose the weight? or ron clifford who on september
2:20 am
11 escorted a burned woman to safety after the towers were hit. only later to discover that his own sister and niece were passengers on united flight 175 which hit the world trade center on that tragic day. how would he find peace to move on with his life? and lindsay beck. at 22 she fought two bouts with rare cancer only to learn that the life-saving chemotherapy treating her would probably leave her infer till. how would she fight cancer while holding on to the hope of having children in the future? ten years later, the endings of the stories may not only surprise you but inspire you as well. and do you ever wonder yourself during a difficult time, where will i be in ten years? hopefully these amazing individuals will give you a glimpse at what is possible. >> such a great book. we're joined now by hoda's ten years later co-writer jane lauren.
2:21 am
>> jamie the queen. >> the second book you two have written together. the first one was all about you. >> enough of that. >> so you ran out of stuff to talk about. >> yes. >> why this book, you guys, and i know why you wanted to work with jane again. you guys have been great friends for a long time. >> of course. it's one of those things, any of us -- we've all faced adversity, at some point in our lives and we're thinking to ourselves we're so stuck in the weeds. we can't see a path out. you just like the idea of watching someone who was fast forwarded ten years, and you get to see what happens at the end. it's not your story. it's never going to be yours, but when you watch someone who was on their knees, rose up, and became a better person after, i think -- we thought ten years was the right amount of time because five years really isn't enough time for it to marinate. >> we both got the goose bumps when we first started talking about the concept because it's so cool that you can dip into pain and challenge and angst, someone else's, because you don't have to gut out the years of that. you get to learn what they learned. what did they do? how did they do it?
2:22 am
>> how did they get through it? >> you get the hope without all the hardship. >> we know hoda's story of going through a divorce and breast cancer at the same time. it's been five years now. i think -- i still think you have a great story to tell at five years. what about for you, jamie? was there a moment like that when you just thought that there's no hope in my life? >> i've had several. i've had several. >> any you care to share with the american public? >> they're probably universal. i lost both of my parents to horrible illnesses that stretched out for a long time. been through a divorce. i have been in the black hole, and, you know, it's where you want to stay with the twinkie and the wine, but you have to -- >> under the covers. >> you have to work your way out. >> give up the twinkie. keep the wine. >> there is a universal quality to these stories, although they're all extremely different. that's what was fascinating to me. >> it is true. i think in each one of these stories you realize that these people pulled through not because they had the will, but they did it for someone else. something bigger than themselves, didn't they? like their kids or their parents
2:23 am
or something like that. when you try to do something on your own, it's really difficult. i was thinking this a long, long time ago i ran a marathon, and in the very back of the pack where i was everyone the last quarter mile is running, and you saw signs on people's backs. one said this one is for my wife who passed away or this is for my friends in vietnam. everyone is running. one person was walking at the end, and she had a sign on her back that said this one is for me. i thought, you know what, sometimes you can't finish the race when you are doing it for you. it has to be for something bigger, and all these people had that. something bigger than themselves. >> so is this going to be a series of books? everyone has a story. >> are we singing that song again? >> you know what i mean, though. there are a lot of stories out there. are you eliciting stories from other people? >> we are. >> the last page of the book encourages people to share their ten years later stories. >> because actually each one of these stories would have been their own book. >> that's what we were just saying. >> when we saw that book, when we were meeting these people, we thought why didn't this one write a book in why didn't this
2:24 am
one? i would read every one of these stories. there were six of them. i would read a full book on each fern, but we're lucky enough to have found them and told their stories, and we have a short version. >> i know what you are saying, but we probably wouldn't because these people are unknown people who -- they're not celebrities. they -- you think of the millions of people that are out there livings those kinds of lives, and it takes people like you guys to bring their stories to the fore. congratulations. >> we love them. they're ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> we would love to celebrate with wine, two of us can't have it. one of us can. >> that's really rude. >> sorry you don't have any wise guys pasta to go with it. they were munching down on it. >> so good. >> take that sip. >> i'm really proud of the two of you. can't wait for the third one. >> thanks. >> expectant mom kim kardashian opens up about being pregnant. and we're going to talk with her big sister kourtney too who has
2:25 am
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kim kardashian gets ready to be a mom. she's here with her big sis, mother of two, kourtney kardashian. >> eight days since we've had a drink. you don't have to give up your life if you give up alcohol. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal.
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i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! >> we are back with more of today on this boozeless tuesday. >> one of the most talked about reality tv families in the world, the kardashians. you probably already know that kim and her boyfriend kanye west are expecting a baby. >> meanwhile, kim and kourtney have a new reality show called "kourtney and kim take miami." in the premier episode kim talks about still being married to kris humphries with younger sister khloe. take a listen. >> i'm obviously still going through a divorce. >> the dumbest part is that he won't, like, sign the divorce papers. >> it's something that should be over and done with. unfortunately, it's not that easy.
2:32 am
>> how does this not, like -- >> i'm annoyed about it. >> -- irritate you to your core? . i'm taking it to a level where i'm like i can't stress about this. the judge said we will be divorced in 2013. >> well, that's the good news and the bad news, i guess, huh, kim? nice to see you. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> since the birth of penelope. >> haven't seen you since the world found out that you're expecting. >> how are you feeling, by the way, about expecting? >> i feel good. >> yeah? >> i haven't been sick or anything, so that's a blessing. i just -- i feel good. >> how in the world did you all keep that a secret for three months? >> your family has never been able to keep a secret ever. >> i kept mine for five months the first time. >> you guys are getting good at this. i guess you have to. >> i could have hid it for another month. my belly hasn't really popped out yet. i'm kind of growing this way. i want to be growing this way. >> you're due in -- >> in july. >> in july. that quote when you guys were having a little dust-up was about the divorce, and you have
2:33 am
a lot of people cheering you on with this pregnancy, there are some detractors who say wait until you're divorced and let's get this thing going. >> you know, it's been a year and a half since i filed, so i think that, you know, i definitely waited six months before i started a relationship, and, you know, i'm 32 years old, and i'm facing -- you know, you'll see in the season, there's been a lot of fertility issues that i haven't really spoke about until this season, so it's kind of a miracle that i did get pregnant, and i think god puts things in front of you and places things in your life for a reason, and as much as i would love to be divorced and we're working on it and i hope it's sooner than later, but, you know, you can't, like -- what are you going to do? you know? >> what do you do when you your attorney says it will be 2013. today is january 15th of 2013. that's a long time, and there's a chance this child may be born while you are still married -- >> i hope not.
2:34 am
>> will kris make that an issue, do you think? >> i don't think so. you know, i'm really hopeful, and i'm just hoping to get through it, you know, sooner than later, and we're just -- it's a process. you know? >> in the meantime, the new show starts. >> yes. >> yeah. >> and i want to know, are you going to be giving baby advice to your sister? you've been down that road before. >> you are a good mom, sweetie. very hands on. >> i feel like i was just -- . i've been there when the cameras are not going and she's a very good mom. >> remember we did a little drive-by. >> yes. >> i was just thinking a second ago that she's so lucky, which she doesn't realize, that, like, it's exactly one year after, so, like, i was thinking everything will just be happening for her, like, after i'm going through it. she's, like -- >> what's the best advice for her? what have you been talking about? >> i think even watching how she does things, and it's not just things she can say.
2:35 am
watching how she is a mom and how she handles the babies. >> do you think she's -- you accuse her of being boring now. >> she is. there's a fine line. i'm definitely going to be a different mom than kourtney. >> how so? >> i'm going to share my bedroom with my boyfriend unlike her. i mean, there are just certain things, like, where she loves to have the babies sleep in bed with her at night, and, you know -- >> there's only a few years. >> mason is three. mason is like, 20, and he is still in bed with her. no, you know, i definitely see my other friends that put their babies, you know, in their own room and put them to bed, you know, at a set time so they can go out and have date night. >> let's see what happens. >> it's amazing what happens when you don't plan things. yes. >> you were reading somewhere -- i think it was huffington post or something -- that said that you can juggle mangos -- >> while singing opera. that's my hidden talent. >> we're not quite sure if
2:36 am
that's true, but let's go ahead. >> are you serious? >> yes, we are. >> i don't know how to juggle, first of all. where did you get -- >> you made it up. >> i can't sing. ah! >> try. >> i said my hidden talent is juggling mangos and singing opera. i really don't. >> who asked you that question? >> this, like, pop quiz thing that i did, and so i just, like, made it up. people take it seriously. >> you're right. she's getting boring. >> well, we wish you guys the best. >> we really do. congrats again. >> thank you. >> baby album for you for those lullabies. love to the mom and dad and everybody. all right. kourtney and kim take miami. >> oh, yes, they do. >> airs this sunday on your sister station. our sister station at e at 9:00. >> you are looking good, mama. >> all right. coming up one mom struggled to help her 7-year-old daughter
2:37 am
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more than one-third of children and teens in this country are overweight or obese. last spring "vogue magazine" published one mom's story how she helped her 7-year-old daughter lose weight. >> the reaction was very intense, and critics complained that her adherence to a strict calorie count and awkward situations might negatively impact her daughter in the long run. >> now that mom has written a memoir called "the heavy, a mother, a daughter, a diet." we're happy you're here with us today. >> i'm happy to be here. >> you have taken an awful lot of heat for this. really what you were trying to do was be a good mother. does that paradox strike you at times? >> it does, there's two interesting paradoxes. one is that everyone agrees what a problem childhood obesity it.
2:42 am
then you're quite subjected to criticism and judgment when you decide to intervene what young child. it is a tough decision, and it's not one that everyone supports. that was kind of one paradox. then there's also the idea that, you know, we call the book "the heavy" to indicate that being a great parent means loving your child enough to do what's unpopular, to do what your kid might not want, what your a friends might not agree with, and knowing that that's what is best for your child and doing it anyway. >> i think a lot of people who have a problem with the book or have bad feelings about it in a way is that when a child is heavy and publicly out, you know, if you are on the street or something, and i guess at one point your daughter had a cup of hot chocolate and you didn't want her to have it. you grabbed it out of her hand and threw it away because you knew the calorie count and you were upset. it would seem to me that that would have a lasting impact on your child, and it wouldn't lead to what the goal was, which is for her to lose weight. >> right. it's interesting. there were so many times in which we kind of had -- i had to intervene in terms of she was eating something that was in the public setting, and i did feel it was important to be up front in those situations and not just
2:43 am
say i'm going to let it go this time because they're so frequent. >> maybe when you are home later and it's over. >> two things. one is that they happen so frequently that if every time you let it go and dealt with it when we were at home -- >> you are packing on the pounds. >> multiple times a day, quite honestly, between a friend's play date, and the nice guy at the deli that gives her a cookie, and it's very important to understand the context of that conversation. that it can be done in a humiliating way or in a loving and protective way, and when the grabbing of the hot chocolate away from her it was not like you picked the wrong thing. you're eating the wrong thing. >> what was it? >> someone gave you something that you're not able to have. the same way that a parent whose kid had a nut allergy, oh, i threw some peanuts in there, you would grab that away and sorry, but this is not something you can eat. >> you are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don't. if my child was diabetic i would not be letting them eat these things. you can die of obesity as well.
2:44 am
>> did it work for your daughter. did she lose weight? >> steadily and slowly. she is at a healthy weight now. >> psychologically how is she doing? >> she's a very happy kid. i can only give my own report, and people might doubt it. but truly, she is a happy, happy, confident child. >> does she know about the book? >> she knows about the book, and we talked about the book. as i told her, i said this is a story that, you know, it's my story, but it is about you and how proud i am of you. you're inspirational. this book only celebrates that. >> we have to go, but was there some exercises along with all of this as well? >> we did build an exercise -- it was not the, you know, thing that we looked to to help her lose weight, but it was definitely a part of her overall health picture. >> it's still controversial, but we thank you. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> from magnetic nail polish to the hottest new wrinkle creams, beauty products for 2013 right after this.
2:45 am
>> good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. today we still have a big storm, winter storm helen here moving up through the northeast to new england. so now we have not only snow spreading across parts of kentucky and pennsylvania, but now moving into new york state. and of course across new england where we're concerned about accumulating snow for the southern part of new england, even into the empire state. we'll definitely see some snow on the ground. new york city specifically we're looking at 38 degrees. so it's mostly going to be rain mixing in with snow occasionally. no accumulation expected. still 60 in atlanta. here comes that cold wedge of air getting a lot colder by the end of the week. 38 in chicago, 26 in minneapolis today. and above this cold front that's where some of your colder air is going to be behind the front, i should say. and then another system, another burst of energy that comes through the southeast brings a chance of snow actually into places like atlanta by thursday. something to keep an eye on. lighter snow possible into
2:46 am
tennessee and even back through mississippi and alabama. so we'll be watching that one closely here at the weather channel. 42 degrees by thursday in atlanta, nearly 20 degrees colder. 28 in chicago. only 17 in minneapolis. we're still pretty mild as the air builds back in across the southern plains. 55 in dallas, 60 in houston. how about 73 in los angeles. another clipper system moves through on friday. we're quieting down across much of the east but that will bring light scattered snow across the great lakes and into the upper midwest here. that will be the trend on saturday also. looking dry for the southeast, much colder air in place. 35 in louisville, 24 in chicago, only 40 in new york city on sunday. snowshowers east of the lakes through the interior part of the northeast there on sunday. and on monday looks pretty quiet for the majority of the country. but a lot of cold temperatures on the map. remember you can get the latest forecast week day mornings on the weather channel wake up with al at 5:30. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
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2:49 am
♪ beautiful girl >> it's time for "today's" beauty and new breakthroughs for a new you. if you are tired of the same old look that you've had for the last five years. >> what are you saying? >> 2013 is all about change. >> from new trends in hair color to the must-have anti-aging cream, jen falick has funky ideas. to gel you started. >> hello. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you guys? >> what's going on? >> new year, new trends, crazy new products. we're starting with the beauty bargain. this is $3.50. it's from essence. it's a volumizing lash powder. it's a little crazy looking. you put on one coat of mascara and take any mascara. this is almost like a ground-up pillow, it's like a cloud. put this on your lashes. after the mascara, then another coat of mascara, and you have major volume. it's like a hair volumizer, but for your lashes. easy to use. >> does it come off easily? when you take it off? >> comes off without makeup >> is it possible to be allergic
2:50 am
to that. do you want to do a test of some kind? >> you wear contacts, be careful. i wear contacts. it's fine for me, but give it a try. >> what's the new trend in nails? >> nails. the first trend which we're demoing over here is magnetic nails. this is from esse. you get a snake skin effect. check that out. it's awesome. you do one coat, put the magnet over your nail for five seconds, and -- >> the magnet? it makes a pattern? >> it makes a pattern and pulls off the magnetic particles. this is really cool. we also have tinted foundation for your nails. butter london has come out with a tinted foundation. it's matte. i have it on right here. it's matte. it makes your nail look nude but better. as we age, our nails age. they get more brittle. it covers up imperfections, and rbg has something for all different skin tones because my nude isn't everyone else's nude. >> i haven't seen my nude in 30 years. >> thought this was funny, huh? you think that's funny! >> for hair ombre has been such a big trend. >> i love it. >> you do love it? >> i'm not cool enough necessarily to pull it off.
2:51 am
it looks great on her. i'm definitely not. i know my limits. >> girl next door adorable is what you are. >> i tried this once. i love the look, but i love that you can do it at home. this is from loreal. it's coming out in february. it's a little preview. you brush it on dry hair. she left hers on for 30 minutes to get this look, but you can go as natural or as dramatic as you want. >> wash it right out? >> wash it right out. it's so easy. when your hair is dry, right now if you want the ombre -- >> that's what i have been waiting for all my life. yeah. >> so this is coming out. >> for us it would look like a mistake if we did it. >> well, for you. >> that's rude. >> having a little fun here. >> is this segment over? >> glow in the dark. >> oh, no. >> this is from stelia. it's coming out in march. >> it glows under a black light. it has three times the color pigment. >> under a black light. >> if are you going out clubbing, and you ladies go clubbing. >> okay. >> take it with you. they will notice you. >> i am going out clubbing in
2:52 am
l.a. next week, so i should wear my lips. >> it's such a fun different way to kind of play up your makeup at night and during the day, just super bright. three times the color particles. coming out in march. >> talk to us about copper? >> that is the new anti-aging sort of hot ingredient for 2013. yes, it's in pennies. the products will cost you a pretty penny, but it makes your skin bronzer. >> you are cute. >> i try. >> i'm just now getting that. boy, that's funny. >> i try to bring out the good sound bytes for you ladies. what's great about copper is it makes your skin stronger. a lot of times it's being used for feeling. it makes your skin stronger, so in turn you increase collagen. ozmotics has a new line with copper. then this is really great from dermochromatic for redness. copper will help. it will make your skin stronger and make you look younger. >> thank you, jen. if that's your real name. good to see you. >> why socializing doesn't have to go down the drain just because you gave up drinking. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> we're so boring now. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
2:53 am
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2:55 am
>> oh, my gosh. it's only day eight of our no wine for a month challenge, but who is really counting? anyway, if you are too taking a break from alcohol in the new year, you might be worried about having fun or feeling relaxed when are you out in certain social situations. >> whether you missed that glass of wine with dinner or your weekly girls night out, it's not just the same. no, it's not. julie has some ideas to keep you social. she's the health director of "ladies home journal." >> she's responsible for this challenge.
2:56 am
>> actually we used to like her. >> you know, we love our pinot noir and our chardonnay. there are so many legitimate reasons for giving it a rest sometimes. >> name one. >> pregnant, taking meds, having any medical procedure. i had to stop before had skin cancer surgery. it can affect bleeding. it can be hard, though. >> a lot of people go to parties and things, and it does take the edge off a little. if you are uncomfortable in group settings or you are shy. >> social anxiety. i used to be really shy, believe it or not. >> even you, julie. >> you should really think about what you like about yourself when you have a couple of glasses of wine, and then practice. try to be that person and learn something from that. you know, it's like -- >> talk to your inner mirror and act it out. >> it makes you more affection at with your friends or to dance, have fun, be outgoing. try to practice that and do it without the wine. >> what if you like a glass of wine at the end of the day? you want to destress and chill? >> it does destress, but the only way you're going to really
2:57 am
reduce your stress is if you face the thing that's stressing you out head on. you got to do that, but there are also other things you can do besides -- >> like what? >> besides wine. >> she thinks you can do yoga. >> oh, no. indeed. >> she thinks you can get a massage. >> do a ten-minute chair massage at the nail salon. it's really cheap. >> i do like those. >> you don't have to get naked. get a pedicure or go to the movies, go for a walk. >> you talk about the fun times you have at girls night out or something. say do something different rather than go to the bar. what are some of the things? >> you want to meet at a bar, still meet at a bar. but go where you can dance or at least hang, sway to the music. practice your moves without needing alcohol to do it. or go somewhere where you can play a game, go bowling, get a pedicure together. >> pedicure is the solution to everything. >> it is to me. >> they're relaxing too. >> you do become less tolerant of people who are boozing it up if you aren't drinking.
2:58 am
>> they're boring. >> are you a little self-righteous, hoda? >> i think i am. >> you don't want to be preachy like i feel so much better when i'm not drinking when your friends are. it's also interesting to watch them and see sometimes they're not the lovely, charming -- they're not as funny or charming as you think you are, and you kind of learn something about yourself. oh, you know, i probably could take it down a notch myself when i -- >> we still are counting our days, aren't we? >> it's not getting easier, is it? no, no. >> no. >> can't wait to see you again, julie. >> coming up tomorrow, our weight loss challenge with joy bauer. begins. >> what weight loss challenge? >> we're doing something with teams. you have a team. i have a team. joy has a team. >> plus, now -- performance by the saturdays, and our girlfriends with the new husbands. this sounds very upsetting. >> what are you talking about? >> try to have a great booze day tuesday. >> go to barnes & noble tonight. >> see hoda and get a book. 7:00. >> 7:30. who cares? 86th and lex in new york.
2:59 am
harper. if we were on late at night, this would be a completely different interview. definitely not shy. >> at this age, you shouldn't be shy. jeff: still looking. >> i wrote a book. i liked it. jeff: are you a bit of a flirt? >> what do you think? jeff: lisa's back. >> i watched this as a baby on facts of life. jeff: wow. high five. hello, hello, hello. roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] [ captioned by the national captioning institute ] jeff: a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show. i'm learning how to be a dad in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show. thank you. have a

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